Stone Fruit

At SGS we have been growing stone fruit for over 45 years and it truly is a labor of love. As far as SGS is concerned the only way to grow an exceptional piece of stone fruit is by starting out with the correct varieties. That is why we limit the number of varieties in our portfolio to a select few, ensuring that natural flavor and appearance are genetically present. Once we have the correct varieties in place we then provide the best cultural practices to our orchards learned from years of trial and error. To deliver the best tasting fruit you will ever experience, harvest must occur at precisely the correct time to naturally capture as much sugar and color as possible in each piece of fruit. Once harvested the fruit is then packaged in our state of the art packing facility, focusing on every aspect of proper handling including food safety, proper cooling, worker health and well-being and of course loading for the safe distribution to our customers.
From our family to yours….Enjoy!

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